Are you waterproofing your pool and spa projects?

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Are you waterproofing your pool projects?  

Waterproofing your pool projects can prevent efflorescence and small leaks from developing into major problems in the future.  These problems can cause callbacks, which lead to costly repairs,  additional labor time, and wasted money at job sites.  

leaks in swimming pools are very common and usually very difficult to locate and repair.  

Swimming pools are under constant pressure and movement.  These pressures can lead to hairline cracks and tile movement that will lead to leaks and esthetic problems.  All of this leads to headaches and disgruntled customers. 

 For years it has been shown that micro cracks are generated in concrete pools due to different causes such as aging of the structure, erosion, and ground movements.  Those small cracks of less than 3mm do not generate a structural problem, but they do generate other problems in the pool plaster and glass tile areas. 

Efflorescence is almost always guaranteed in any glass tile application unless the substrate is waterproofed before the setting materials and grouts are used.  

 When it comes to waterproofing pools, it should be taken into account that there are several products for waterproofing pools.  

Cementitious waterproofers resist a maximum cracking of 0.05mm even with reinforcing mesh.  These waterproofing products stretch and flex in a very limited length to ensure that it stays bonded to their substrate when movement occurs. 

 Another weak area that can cause unwanted leaking problems in swimming pools occurs at the connection between the structure and ABS or PVC accessories such as skimmers, main drains, niches, etc. Since the union between concrete and rigid plastic materials is not a watertight connection. 

These areas need special attention and additional steps should be taken to ensure that the proper waterproofing method is used to prevent future leaks and problems.  

Besides the cementitious waterproofing products, another great protective barrier for your pool project is using single component colloidal silicate products.   

These amazing products penetrate deep into the capillary structure of concrete and mortar to permanently enhance physical properties and the dynamics of waterproofing performance. 

Exhibiting highly reactive and hydrophilic properties, They quickly migrate through waterways and capillary tracts to chemically react with and convert free water-soluble calcium hydroxide into a dense crystalline network of insoluble calcium silicate hydrate gel within the concrete pore structure. 

This conversion process purges unwanted chlorides and contaminants from within the concrete matrix, seals and densifies permanently blocks moisture ingress, reduces moisture vapor emissivity, and enhances resistance to aggressive chemical substances.

In other words, it really tightens up your plaster and prevents efflorescence.  

So take the extra steps to make sure the beautiful pool project you just finished stays that way for years to come and protect your clients investment. It will only lead to more great reviews and free word-of-mouth advertising for your company.

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