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Whatever your business sales and marketing needs, we’re here for you.

Our wide range of business consulting services are backed by industry knowledge and expertise. We have been serving the pool and spa industry since 1989. We service every level of the pool and spa industry including: Wholesale Distributors, Builders, Retailers, and Service Companies.

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Florida, Latin America & the Caribbean

Ready to expand your product line? Then you need the guidance of a seasoned sales agency. Breaking into a new territory can be complex and much analysis needs to occur to determine if it’s the best move. We can determine if the need in the marketplace exists and how you can expand it. Take advantage of our market experience. We cover Latin America and the Caribbean. We speak the language.


Increase Profits

One of the biggest reasons manufacturers seek to work with us is because they need a healthier bottom line. Being able to both increase sales and profits is what makes a business secure. Sometimes it takes the eyes of someone on the outside to see opportunities where margins could be increased. Our management team will help you grow and sustain profits.




Develop a Strategic Plan

A company’s strategic plan includes a blueprint of how to get from A to B. We’ll help you prioritize projects and detail certain things that need to happen to make it to the next milestone. That doesn’t mean your strategic plan is set in stone. As the industry evolves, so will your plan of action. We cater a sales plan regionally.


Find More Efficiencies

When more efficiencies can be established it costs you less to operate that function. Our management team has extensive experience in helping manufacturers find these opportunities to operate in a leaner model. Work with us and we’ll have your products strategically placed with our distribution partners seamlessly.


Cut Costs

In addition to increasing revenues, every business is looking for ways to cut costs. Our agencies compensation program is performance based. Find cost savings with a fixed cost related to sales. We only make money when you make money. Take advantage of our team of 7 concentrating on building your business.


More than a Source – a Resource

Become one of our partners in profit

High caliber personnel, entrepreneurial, competitive, goal-oriented. Success tied to contacts in the territory. Rooted geographically, creating stable top relationships with Distribution & Dealers in our territory.


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